My day involves a lot of internet cruising. First thing, I open up TweetDeck and then proceed to look over the first tweets of the day and do a lot of new tab opening. This inevitably leads to a few more clicks, and more reading which I continue periodically throughout the day.

Today I was doing actual work and found this law review article detailing the 4th Amendment issues raised by Jay Z’s song 99 problems via Scotusblog. A good read for anyone with an interest in rap or law, much more useful in my opinion than most of my criminal procedure class. More law review articles should integrate pop culture. I might actually read them. 

A round about click through from the Pollen newsletter (a good read for Twin Citians) led me to a blog, which led me to this article about types of improv styles: Pirate, Robot or Ninja. I’m pretty sure I’m a Robot, with a touch of Ninja. I probably need a few more Pirates in my life. 

The HBR blog network is reliably good, every morning I find myself clicking through links from their tweets. Today there were two great articles about winning: one by Tony Schwartz, which includes this great nugget: 

Even if any of this was true — and I’ve seen precious little evidence it is — the way we’ve defined winning makes it attainable only for a tiny percentage of people, and even then demands a kind of single-minded focus that can create a narrow and limited life.

The second reflects on how winning begets winning. One important point - winners are open to learning more, because they are confident they will win again. 

Finally, this gif guide to the American gymnastic victory over Russia is beautiful and enlightening. Great stuff, as usual, from The Atlantic which is another of my go-to daily reads.